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What We Do

1. Small Business & Manufacturing Profitability

Small Business & Product Cost & Profitability Analysis- Learn how to make your organization more profitable.

2. Cost Accounting

Learn the difference between what is taught in textbooks versus the skills organizations require.

3. Leadership

Raise the standards, create a culture of excellence, and champion best practices.

4. Strategy-Execution

Empowerment, Decentralization, Ownership.

My name is Benjamin Wann, CMA, CSCA, MBA, PMP, & CPA

At my core, I am a Small Business & Manufacturing Product Cost Expert. Today, I am the proud owner of Asheville, NC accounting/consulting firm CFO Consultants, LLC, with a team of 11; serving 450 customers!

Originally from the Philadelphia region and coming from a 10-year career providing insights to executives of mid-sized manufacturing firms, I transitioned to entrepreneurship full-time in November 2022. 

My thesis is that the small business community values the same expertise, technology and know-how that large organizations have to help accelerate their own businesses.

Typically, I’ve found, CPA or bookkeeping firms provide too little, too late, to help business owners make smart decisions. 

I am passionate about supporting the small business community with specialized services to help business owners understand their financials and feel like they have the expertise they need to thrive.


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Leadership, Business Process Improvement, & Process Mapping!

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Your Career in Modern Management Accounting: Getting Hired, Promoted, and Achieving Success!

The Latest News

Giving Two Weeks Notice the Nicest Way Possible
Marie Sanchez

Giving Two Weeks Notice the Nicest Way Possible

Two weeks’ notice is a widely accepted professional norm that is essential for employees and employers. Its ultimate goal is to make the transfer from one job to another as seamless and polite as possible. Employees display professionalism, loyalty, and concern for their company and coworkers by offering two weeks’ notice. 

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Understanding SAFE Notes: A Game-Changer in Startup Financing
Adil Abbasi

Understanding SAFE Notes: A Game-Changer in Startup Financing

Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFE Notes) offer an alternative to traditional equity and debt financing for startups, invented by the Y Combinator startup accelerator. They provide a flexible, fast-track method for early-stage companies to secure funding without fixed maturity or interest accruals. However, they introduce new considerations, like valuation caps and discount rates. Although SAFE Notes simplify investor-startup interactions and optimize the funding process, they can significantly affect startups’ future valuation and control, necessitating careful planning and legal advice.

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Financial Modeling: Essential Guide for Small Business Owners
Small Business Tips
Adil Abbasi

Financial Modeling: Essential Guide for Small Business Owners

Financial modeling is a vital tool for businesses, allowing for simulations of financial performance based on future assumptions. Combining accounting, finance, and business metrics, models forecast revenues, expenses, and profitability. As well as managing cash flow and analyzing new investments, they aid decision-making, and future scenario planning. Fundamental in changing market conditions, advanced scenario analyses offer multiple potential outcomes. Technology has revolutionized financial modeling with automation and AI offering efficiency and accuracy. Integrating non-financial factors, conducting stress tests, and tailoring models to specific industry needs enhances knowledge, benefiting from techniques that include real-time data and advanced risk analysis.

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